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I’m a stay at home mother of two beautiful children, Zoey and Zane. I spend most of my days wiping butts and cleaning up…but what can I say I love every minute of it. I love the time I get to spend each day with my children thanks to God and my wonderful husband. This blog is about our daily happenings at the Blakley Ranch. Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Eight Months...

As of May 15, 2009, Zane is eight months old. He still has only three teeth and loves to chew on everything.

Zane is crawling this month and he is one busy boy. He follows Zoey all over the house…I’ve already heard, “Mom, get him out of my room.” However, Zoey loves her little brother and is a great big sister. She helps me with him in so many ways.

We finally put Zane in the baby bed this month. He’s not sleeping through the night but it’s a start. He usually cries for about fifteen to twenty minutes when I first put him in there. It breaks my heart but I know it’s best that he sleeps in his own bed and self soothes his self to sleep. Zane does not really care much about his pacifier so it makes things a little harder when putting him to bed. I will say one thing for baby boy…he’s ready for bed at nine o’clock…unlike his sister who would stay up all night if you let her.

I love Zane’s eight month pictures. He was as cooperative as an eight month old can be and I love the antique feel of the pictures.

I look forward to what the coming months will bring...and thank God for putting this sweet baby boy in my life.

Monday, May 18, 2009

A Special Little Girl...

I want you to meet Katelyn Connor. She is three years old, a big sister, and a very special little girl.

Katelyn is one of my daughter’s best friends...that is when they are not arguing over the same toy. Like most three year old children they resolve their differences quickly and are back playing and laughing…the toy forgotten. Katelyn goes to my grandmother’s daycare and attends dance class with Zoey…so we get to see Katelyn and her parents on a regular basis. William and Christa are great parents. I love visiting with them when they stop to pick Katelyn up from daycare or while we are waiting for the girls to finish dance class.

Over the last few months Katelyn’s health appeared to be declining. Her parents took her to Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston for a thorough evaluation. Last Thursday, I received an email from Christa reporting that Katelyn has been diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. Katelyn has tumors in a bone in her skull, in her pleural cavity, in the bones in her legs and pelvis, and one in her muscle. She also has a very large tumor on her left adrenal cavity. Katelyn will begin chemotherapy tomorrow.

I wanted to make this post to ask you to please keep Katelyn and her family in your prayers. Her parents and I both thank you in advance for your support and prayers.

Katelyn…We love you!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Cameron Park Zoo...

Last week, Zane, Zoey, and I headed to the Cameron Park Zoo in Waco for a play date with my friend, Erin, and her son, Preston. We were suppose to be meeting a large play group but some pregnant woman had a lapse in memory and we went to the wrong zoo…in the wrong town. Did I mention I’m not the pregnant one…anyway, after a good laugh we went on to enjoy our day at the zoo.

I don’t have a double stroller so Zoey had to walk throughout the entire zoo…she was so good. It was hot…her little legs had to keep up with Mama’s long ones…but she did not complain one bit. She was so interested in all the animals.

To my surprise her favorite animal was this Galapagos Tortoise…she talked about the “big turtle” for two days after our trip. These giant tortoises can weight up to 500 pounds.

And take a look at this lion…this thing was out cold.

We had a great time and Zoey loved the animals…thanks Erin for inviting us along…next time I’ll be in charge of directions!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Jace is Five Months...

My nephew Jace is five months old. If you read my blog you know that Jace was born premature. He has grown so much over the last few months…he even had a double chin in one of the pictures I took.

My sister reports that Jace is still having problems holding his head up on his own. Jace’s doctor is scheduling an ECI (Early Childhood Intervention) evaluation. ECI works with families to help children reach their full potential through developmental services. This is a precaution to ensure that Jace does not fall behind developmentally, which is a risk factor with children born prematurely. I will keep you posted on the results of his evaluation.

My sister is a great mom and Jace is one happy boy…as you can tell by his beautiful smile.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Ode to My Husband…

Today, I took Zoey to the park for a play date. She had a great time and so did I. It really made me thankful for the time I get to spend with my children each day. I know I don’t tell him enough but I want my husband to know he is a great man.

He works so hard so that I am able to stay home with Zoey and Zane. He goes above and beyond for our family and he does not hear thank you enough. I am one luck lady…not only do I have a very handsome husband…I have a wonderful father for my children.

Thanks bun for all you sacrifice for us and for all your hard work…we love you and appreciate all you do!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Zoey is A Winner...

I’m happy to announce that Zoey won third place in the Fresh or Familiar Faces Contest…she won a complimentary session with photographer Jennifer Knapp and a custom designed desktop collage from the session…I wanted to thank everyone for your votes!