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I’m a stay at home mother of two beautiful children, Zoey and Zane. I spend most of my days wiping butts and cleaning up…but what can I say I love every minute of it. I love the time I get to spend each day with my children thanks to God and my wonderful husband. This blog is about our daily happenings at the Blakley Ranch. Hope you enjoy!

Monday, May 18, 2009

A Special Little Girl...

I want you to meet Katelyn Connor. She is three years old, a big sister, and a very special little girl.

Katelyn is one of my daughter’s best friends...that is when they are not arguing over the same toy. Like most three year old children they resolve their differences quickly and are back playing and laughing…the toy forgotten. Katelyn goes to my grandmother’s daycare and attends dance class with Zoey…so we get to see Katelyn and her parents on a regular basis. William and Christa are great parents. I love visiting with them when they stop to pick Katelyn up from daycare or while we are waiting for the girls to finish dance class.

Over the last few months Katelyn’s health appeared to be declining. Her parents took her to Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston for a thorough evaluation. Last Thursday, I received an email from Christa reporting that Katelyn has been diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. Katelyn has tumors in a bone in her skull, in her pleural cavity, in the bones in her legs and pelvis, and one in her muscle. She also has a very large tumor on her left adrenal cavity. Katelyn will begin chemotherapy tomorrow.

I wanted to make this post to ask you to please keep Katelyn and her family in your prayers. Her parents and I both thank you in advance for your support and prayers.

Katelyn…We love you!!!


Lacie said...

I have had this little girl in my prayers since I recieved an email about her diagnosis. I can't imagine what the family is going through, but I know that it is all in God's hands. We will continue to pray for God to heal this precious little girl.

Alice said...

My heart is so heavy for this family. I am in prayer daily for them. Our heavenly father is the God of Miracles. I still believe in miracles. Please let me know what we can do!

The Sikorski family said...

I am so sorry for them. I know that Nathan knows the father of this little girl and he will be crushed when I tell him of their misfortune. We'll put them in our prayers.

Brandy said...

We will remember her in our prayers!