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I’m a stay at home mother of two beautiful children, Zoey and Zane. I spend most of my days wiping butts and cleaning up…but what can I say I love every minute of it. I love the time I get to spend each day with my children thanks to God and my wonderful husband. This blog is about our daily happenings at the Blakley Ranch. Hope you enjoy!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bucking Bulls...

We were invited to Vernon Guidry’s place to watch as he and his ranch hands judged some of the bucking stock. Mr. Guidry has famous bucking bulls that are known throughout the rodeo arena. We accepted the offer to watch and headed over to the bucking pens.

However, before we could leave we knew we had to ask one person to join us…Dylan. My nephew, Dylan, loves bucking bulls.

The first thing he asked when he got there was…"where are the cowboys." During practice the bulls are not rode by men but are instead strapped with a weighted belt to simulate the feeling of a rider.

Zoey and Dylan were glued into the action.

The kids seemed to really enjoy themselves despite the 104 degree temperature outside.

I also know one adult who was pretty entertained himself…like father like daughter.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Fun in the Sun...

Joey and I decided to head out on a last minute weekend getaway. After a few suggestions from friends and family we took off to Galveston for some fun in the sun. We were so excited to hear that Joey’s brother, Jamie, and his family would be there too! We don’t get to spend as much time as we would like with these guys and I sure miss seeing them…especially my niece and nephew, Hailey and Devon.

The kids had a great time at the beach. Hailey and Devon hit the waves on their boogie boards. They also spent a lot of time searching for crabs and seashells. Hailey is quite the crab finder...I heard she was heartbroken when she had to let them go.

Last year, Zoey did not like the ocean water or waves. This year she ventured out in her fish float. She’s still not crazy about the salt water in her face so she had to put on her favorite pair of pink goggles.

Zoey loved the sand and spent most of her time digging.

This was Zane’s first trip to the beach and he seemed to really enjoy himself. The salt water and waves did not phase you can tell by his smile!

We got a little too much sun, ate a whole lot of food, and enjoyed our time with family...Zoey is already asking when we will go back!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Jace is Six Months...

I’m a little late in posting Jace's six month pictures...his seven month pictures are just around the corner! This last month was a little hard for baby boy. Jace had a cold that turned into an upper respiratory infection. My sister made several trips to the doctor after Jace began running a high fever. He ended up being admitted to the hospital due to dehydration from the upper respiratory infection. However, he has completely recovered and is doing great.

It seems like every time I take my nephew's picture he is sticking his tongue out at me, and this photo shoot was no exception. Jace's tongue is sticking out in the majority of the pictures I took. I rebelled and refused to post one picture of that baby boy’s tongue..."I’ll show him". So needless to say I only get to post three pictures this month, but he sure is handsome in all three.

The muscle tone is Jace's neck seems to be stronger and he is holding is head up for longer periods of time. My sister is still waiting to be contacted by ECI for an evaluation. She and the doctor just want to make sure that this sweet boy is on track. My sister has a new job in a daycare facility and she is able to bring Jace with her to work. He is not in her class but she is able to stop by and see him throughout the day. The arrangement seems to be working well for both of them. Shae has a little extra spending money and Jace gets to interact with other children his age.

This is one sweet boy and we feel blessed to have him in our lives!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 4th Weekend...

I know I've been behind on posting...I’m planning on catching up next week. In the mean time I hope everyone had a great fourth of July weekend. Joey had to work so my grandmother and I headed to my aunt’s house with the kids.

Zoey had to wear her “July 4th bows”…she was so excited when she found these at the store and could not wait to show my aunt.

We enjoyed visiting with my cousin, Candice, and her husband, Cody. They are expecting their first baby in January. ..I’m so excited for both of them.

I caught this picture of my grandmother kissing Zane and I feel in love with it.

This fourth of July I took a moment to really be thankful for how much God has blessed my life. We enjoyed this holiday weekend and I feel lucky to have such a great family.