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I’m a stay at home mother of two beautiful children, Zoey and Zane. I spend most of my days wiping butts and cleaning up…but what can I say I love every minute of it. I love the time I get to spend each day with my children thanks to God and my wonderful husband. This blog is about our daily happenings at the Blakley Ranch. Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Day at the Place…

This past weekend Joey, Zoey, Zane, and I visited “the place”… 500 acres my husband has leased for his cattle and horses. With a location this size my husband spends a lot of time mending fence and checking cattle. On this occasion the kids and I got to go along for the ride…it turned out to be a little cold but we had a lot of fun.

We came across several new arrivals...

We found a few spots on the fence that needed mending...Zoey was quick to lend a helping hand.

We encountered a few dangers along the way…

Each time we cross this bridge I hold my breath. If you could see this thing up close you would see the large holes among the rotten planks. I made Joey let the kids and I off as he crossed on the mule…I was afraid my extra weight would cause the mule to reach its maximum capacity causing our decline into the water below. Ok…I’m a little dramatic... but again you have to see this thing in person…the picture does not do it justice.

After making it safely over the bridge we came across the mud…

and the thorns...

When these babies are flying by your head at 30 mph they are without a doubt included on the danger list. I have never seen thorns this big in my life.

Despite all the hazards we had a great time helping out at the place…thanks Dad for letting us tag along!

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