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I’m a stay at home mother of two beautiful children, Zoey and Zane. I spend most of my days wiping butts and cleaning up…but what can I say I love every minute of it. I love the time I get to spend each day with my children thanks to God and my wonderful husband. This blog is about our daily happenings at the Blakley Ranch. Hope you enjoy!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Heavy Heart…

I’m up late tonight because my heart is very heavy. Some things in life are just hard to understand. My two children lay sleeping in their bed peacefully. All I can think is how grateful I am to have healthy children to love. My day to day life is not overwhelmed by thoughts of losing my child to a horrible illness. I feel selfish for feeling so lucky; as our family friends found out today that their four year old daughter’s body is again filled with cancer. They have been fighting for over a year and are now preparing for a death that is just unimaginable to me. I want them to know that we love them and are praying for them. Praying for peace, understanding, and hope.

I hope that this post will spread their story and more prayers will be made for Katelyn and her family. Miracles can happen! Follow the Connor's at


Lacy said...

Erica I too was up last night feeling the same as you. I know Zoey and she have a special bond. I have no comprehension or understanding either and will also add sweet Zoey to my prayers for her sweet friend. I only wish we could take this away from the Conners and every parent.

Deb said...

I don't know the family very well, but I cannot even imagine our family going through this. We have been blessed with good health and need to give all the praise to our Lord. To help me understand, I look at it like God is answering our prayers because when this little girl gets to Heaven, she will be cancer and pain free! I will say extra prayers for Zoey because this will be hard for her to understand. I love yall!